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Be Careful What You Wish For
Think Before You Go Forth
You Will Create As You Speak
With Vibes And Energy Traveling In The Field

Mind Creates The Reality
It’s Act Of The Spirit
Defined In Spirituality
Energy, Frequency And Vibes
Radiated By Our Heart And Mind..
Shift In Paradigm

Traveling In The Space And Time
Creating The Life
We Wish, We Think, We Demand, We Believe, We Deserve
BELIEVE Is The Magic Word

Believe And It’s Yours!
Believe And It Unfolds!
Don’t Be Scared Of What Future Holds
It’s Going Right Where You Told!

You Said So To Destiny
It’s Always Hearing Your Words
And Even The Thoughts As You Speak
So Speak And Think Carefully!

No Going Back
It Can Be Good Or Bad!
Work For What You Believe
You Asked For It
And Label It Destiny

Think Of Good Not Just For Self
But For Others As Well
Fight Against The Cruelty
Karma Is The Reality

Your Deeds Helps You On Your Way
Destiny Is What You Make
It’s Not Some Random Place
Any Time, Any Day You Have The Power To Change

White Rabbit From The Hat
Pigeon From The Pot
You Will Pull Out
What Ever You Want

You Create The Magic
You Will Create As You Speak!
“Abracadabra” I Mean..




Written by A.P

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coral rose

Life is so freaking weird. Every single thing is amazing and scary and so damn strange.


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