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Out In The Cold
With Nothing & Alone
Nothingness Surrounds
And The Wind Blows
Memories & Thoughts
And The Bones Getting Old

Out In The Unknown
Carrying Past Of Blood & Flesh
Nothingness Surrounds
Everyone Is Dead

The People We Knew
Are No Longer There
The “Paper” That Ruled
Now Rolling On The Floor
And No One Cares

Now What To Live For?
What’s The Motive?
What Do You Need More?
Oil, Gold Or A  Tree To Live?

The Shadow, The Air, The People To Care,
A Hug, A Smile,
A Day Won’t Pass That
We Won’t Cry

When Nothingness Will Surround
The World Upside Down
What Will You Crave More?
Who Will You Be There For?

We Need People To Care
And Things To Use
But Things  Are  Cared For
And People Being Used

Dead & Hardly Alive
Nothingness Is True
And Not A Lie
We The Living Dead’s
Moving Day & Night

Empty Building & Bridges
And No Water Will Flow
No Food To Survive
No Where To Go

Who Will Be The Progress & The Technology For?
Money Will Carry No Value
Then We Will Learn
Then We Will Know
What’s More Important

Ring On The Third Finger
& Picture In The Wallet
We Will Remember Our Loved Ones
And How We Were intolerant

Family Is To Live
Money Is To Give
Learn It Now
Or The Hard Way, Your Wish!

When Nothingness Will Surround
The Word – “World” Will Lose It’s Meaning
No Loved Ones Around
For A Touch Or Sense Of Healing

We Will Carve For Touch
And Die For Love
We Will Learn Where Lies The Real World

Not A Day Will Be New
And Dark Will Consume
Scared Of The Nights
Running From The Moon

When Nothingness Will Surround
Only Feeling Will Be Blue
Will Crave For Warmth
Warm Food
A Hug- Feeling Of Being Loved

No Prayer Will Be Heard

Trees Will Fall
Earth Will Die
Only And Only Nothingness Will Survive
Silhouette Of People
Bad Dreams In The Eyes

When Memories Will Consume
And Luxury Will Be To Die
Out Of The Door
Nothingness Will Survive
We Will Learn Real Meaning Of Life

You Wish But Couldn’t Fight
Happiness Is Now So Live Your Life
With People You Love
Before Time Passes By

No Where To Start From
And No Place To Arrive
When Nothingness Will Survive!!





Written by A.P

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