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Oil Running In Systems Veins
But Earth Sucked Out And Drained
The More Efficient We Become
More We Conserve
And The More We Consume
What A Shame!
Wasn’t It About We Should Save?

It’s A Ponzi Scheme
Should Only Elite Be Blamed?
What About The Consumers Who Play Along The Game?

With Number And Statistics
That Won’t Last Longer Then The Day
Government- 12 Billion Barrels Of Oil Found
After Long Digging And Causing Mayhem All Around
On Land, Air And Water
But We Ever SO Proud!

12 Billion Barrels Of Oil?
It’s Actually Less Produced And More Destroyed
12 Billion Barrels People Consume In 12 Days
Why All The Hip- Hip- Hurrays ?

Crisis Can’t Be Dodged
It’s Sooner Than You Thought

Non Renewable Fuels
Minerals And Metals Consumed
Rare Earth Few
Renewable Resources
Soil , Water We Pollute
Human Surely Doomed

No Matter What You Do
The Doubling Cause Will Get You
Energy Return On Energy Invested
Diminishing Marginal Returns Heard Of It?

It’s A Debt Base Society
The Less You Earn The More Proportion You Give
To Politicians Politely

It’s A Ponzi Scheme
And We Are Pawned Quietly
The Life We Live
We Are Slaves To Society Beliefs

Consumer Consume Silently
All Been Tamed Psychologically
A Life Lived Nicely!
In A Society That Is Constantly Declining

Earth Quakes, Floods, Tsunami
Extinct Species And Burst Of Human Beings
Air, Land, Water We Pollute
All Around Erosion And Cyclones

All This And More
Cause Money Is What We Adore

It’s A Ponzi Scheme
And Investores Are Waiting For The Heavy Gain
Soon It Will Give Us Returns
It Won’t Be Money But Acid Rain!

Acid Rain

Acid Rain


Written by A.P

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