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If I Can Go Back
And Mend My Ways
I Swear To God
I Take It All Away

All The Deeds I Did
I Make It All Change
And Start Again
For You
My Love Always Been Same

For All The Wrongs I Did
I’m Ashamed
And I Know
I’m To Be Blamed

It All Takes A Nasty Shape
Haunts And Dictates
It Goes In My Mind
Night And Day

For What I Did
It All Feels Insane
The Devil I See
In The Mirror Of Shame

You Were Always There
I Did Betray
Listen To Me Ones
I Have Changed

I’m Not The Same
I Was Helpless
So Don’t Blame
Understand It Was All Just A Innocent Mistake

The Devils Advocate
Justifying The Wrong
With Cliches
Trying To Play Innocent
Whatever Helps Be Safe

Pretending To Be Miserable
Look Carefully
And You Will See The Real Face
Behind The Charade

All They Care Is
Personal Gains!
Learn To Distinguish Between
Real And Fake!




Written by A.P

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