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When is a Human at his worst?
When he is insecure..
& Not being heard..

To His Reasons,
In the moment,
All seems Alright
No matter what’s Morally wrong
& What’s Ethically right
Everything becomes Justified

With Questions in Mind
& Answers to Find
Eyes they stare
How can one sleep in night?

Body & Mind in a Fight
Enemy of oneself
Eyes looses it’s sight

In that moment Animal Instinct Ignites
They attack Head on
& Don’t care if they survive!

It’s the Worst
& IN the moment Rationality..
There is no such Word

So for loved ones
Keep them close
Let them know your Hand is to
Grab & Hold

Afraid Not..
I Won’t let you go..
I’m Here
If You wanna know…

Afraid Not..
I Keep You safe & I keep You Secure

Afraid Not!
I’m here & Always will be for sure!

Afraid Not

Afraid Not


Written by A.P

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