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All Is Said And Done
All The Songs Been Sung
All The Wise Advice Been Given
Is Anything New Hidden?

Same Meaning But Words Are Different
Love, Peace And God Speed
How Many Time Did We Listen?
Anything Left?
Any Stone Unturned?

From Ages Human Is Doing The Same
Nothing Is Different
Following Masses
Isn’t Religion A Control System?

What Else Is The Basis
Of Wars And Ignorance
The Very Thought Of Being Better From Other Humans

Slavery And Life Shattered!
The Struggle To Dominate And Conquer
Government And Politicians
Masses In Control With Television

Exhausting Resources
Shopping Malls
Sales And Their Seasons
What’s Wrong?
Why So Much Materialism?

True Love And Helping Hand
There Seem Neither
Poor On The Streets
In Grievance And Shivers

Instead Of Promoting Equality And Freedom
We Capture People With Their Fears
Advertising Junk Food
Damaging Heart And Liver

Ignorance Is The Mother
Of All The Problems
After Seen It All
After All Been Said And Done!
Why Don’t We Listen?
Look Sharp, WAKE UP!

Cutting Trees And Forest
Extinct Animals
Glacier And Desert
Change In Weather

Polluting Land, Sky And Rivers
Money Flourishes
In This System
Rest All Either Decaying Or Rotten

All Busy Doing Their Jobs
Running Life In Same Circle
No One Is Saying- Enough!

How Will We Sustain In Long Run?
The Mother Land Cries
And We Ignore Her
Humans Are Miserable

After All Been Said And Done
What Is Holding Us?
Are We Waiting For A Miracle?
Humans Seems Deaf
And Ignoring Screams Of Mother Earth

Killing And Cutting
We Are Monkeys With Guns
Printing Money
Is All That Seem To Matters

All Said And Done

All Said And Done


Written by A.P

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