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Does Your Love Abandon In The Time Of Doubt?
Or You Listen And Sit & Talk It Out?

Of Course Words Are Deceptive
Efforts Speaks Loud
But Won’t You Listen?
Is Your Judgement Effected By The Cloud?

The Emotion, The Anger
No Way The Brain Is Sound
The Silence & The Self Talk
And The Way The Things Turn Around!

Today A Right, Tomorrow Becomes Wrong
And The Way It Over Powers & Get Strong..
It’s All The Trick Of “Emotions”
You Wish But Couldn’t Hide..

How To Keep The Need Aside ?
How To Close Eyes To What One Feel Inside..
It’s Hard To Decide
Keep It Rational,
Fight For The Right..Let It Be Justified!

If Actions Are No Where To Be Found
Don’t Buy Words…Don’t Be Bound!!
What’s Wrong Is Wrong…No Matter How Turned Around..

If It Has To Happen It Will
& If Someone Care It Will Be Seen
Take It Nice & Easy..

Close Your Eyes & Say Time Will Heal Me..




Written by A.P

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