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Living The American Dream
Stuffing With Happy Meals
Processed Food, Burgers With Cheese
Everything Made Cheap
Putting High Fructose Corn Syrup In Between
Either Have It Deep Fried Or With Whipped Cream

Big, Bright And Flat Screens
People Getting Sick, Dull And Obese
Ignoring Common Man In Need
Giving To Elites
Deregulating And Making Corporates The Supreme
Common Man Finds It Hard To Sustain And Breathe

Now Everyone Trying To Flea
Trying To Leave The Crime Scene
Government On A Killing Spree
And Unwilling To Agree

Either Killing Animals Or Chopping Down Trees
If Not, Than Sending Army Overseas
“Hands Up And Seize”
It’s All About Resources
Making Stories For It!
Against Terrorism And Coming Out Clean
Whoever We Vote
It Just Leads To Greed

Government- ” We Work To Make Your Dream Come True”
Making Us Fool!
Do They Know What It Really Means?
For Them It’s Just A Figure Of Speech

Reading From Teleprompter
Repeating What’s On Screen
Typed By The People
From The Corporates That Lead

Party A, B Or C
All Work For The Same
The Ones Who Commands And Operates
Misusing The Common Man And His Tax Paid
It No Longer Is American Dream
But A Nightmare

Drones And Scams
Tapping The Phones
Yes They Scan

Industrial Waste Being Dumped Into Forest Land
Acid Rain
All In Names Of Growth Plans

Soil Erosion And Earth Quakes
Tsunami And Floods
No One Is Safe
All Cause Of Excess Drilling And Chemical Waste

To Slow To Invest On Alternates
Why They Making It So Late?
Plastic Bags We Generate
They Don’t Decompose Or Degrade
Isn’t Government Suppose To Make Us Feel Safe?
But They Too Busy To Betray

Dumping waste Into Lakes
The Same Water Which We Drink And With Which We Bathe

Let Them Know We Are Not Asleep
But Awake
Let Us Fly Away From This Place
Up, Up And Away!!

It’s All Cause Of Money And Control They Wanna Sustain
People Living In Fear
Are Easy To Steer

Privacy Been Destroyed
Drilling For Oil
Chemicals In Food And Soil
Causing Turmoil

American Dream To Be Healthy And Rich
Now Turned Into Nightmare
Making People Poor And Sick

From American Dream
Now People Run And Scream!

The American Dream

The American Dream


Written by A.P

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