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Love Is Self Destructive
You Don’t Care For What Ifs
All You Care Is And For
Whom With

Blowing Ego,Pride, Self Esteem To Bits
Going Lengths
For One Wish
To Please And Win

Going On Destroying Each Other
So Happily Ever After You Could Live
All You Care Is To  Provide And Give
Atleast In Your Mind That’s

You Wish To Live Otherhalf Dreams With Him
You Wish To Sense And Feel What He Feels
Even Go On Making Deals
“Give Me This One Thing Devil
And I In Return Will Give You My Soul And Surrender My Will”

Wish To Shower Other With
Attention, Care And Gifts
“For Happier Living”
Happy To Be Killed

This Pain You Enjoy
You Feel It And Grin
“All Is Fair In Love And War”
The Quote You Justify Self And Acts With

All The Destruction And Pain
Make It Worth It
Love Is Sadistic And Masochistic
Love’s A Bitch

Amores Perros

Amores Perros


Written by A.P

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