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Are You Angry Time To Time!
Emotions Attack Your Mind
Narrowing Your Sight
You See It All Blurry

And Can’t Define!
What Is Infront Of Eyes
Thoughts And Desires You Can’t Fight
No Control Over Oneself

Towards Emotions You Inclined
Eyes Lost The Sight, Mind Is Blind
It’s Emotions Controlling You
Making It All Seem Justified

That’s Devil Is Disguise
Can’t You Control Self?
Can’t You Rationalize?
Come Forward, Don’t Hide!

Take Control Of Self
Let Thoughts Slide
Get Up And Rise
And Decide
To The Devil You Deny

Don’t Let Rationality Wave Goodbye
Before You Commit A Crime
See What’s Wrong And What’s Right!
Think Twice!

With Anger Don’t Be Blind!

Anger Management

Anger Management


Written by A.P

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