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Is World Confusing You?
You Tried Looking For Clues!
What To Do?
What Should Be The Next Move?

From Clutches Of Madness
When Will I Be Set Loose?
Is There A Plan For Everyone And Everything!
No Matter What I Choose?
Walk Whichever Route

Will All Be Answered?
Or Questions Will Consume
Is There Any Set Of Protocol Or Rules?
Karma, Fate Or All Just A Fluke?

Answer Me This You!
God Looks At Us?
Or Looks Through?
Any Evidence Of God Is True!

Why Questioning God Is Rude?
Why Things Are Loved
And People Are Used!
Why Souls Are Bruised And Abused!

So Called Loved Ones We Are
But Money We Don’t Wanna Lose!
Wars In The News
Why Is Cruelty Human’s Major Attribute?

In The End To Ashes We Are Reduced!
Still We Cling Onto Things
Why- Answer Me,
Goddammit You!!


Answer Me, Goddammit!

Answer Me, Goddammit!


Written by A.P


bailey jenson

Oh my bloody goodness..
How ling did this take?
Rearranging syllables
For truth? I now must make..

Yes it is confusing..
To make sense of the clues..
Never knowing who is who..
Or what they’re gonna do..

We all know bout Houdini..
The day that he was trapped..
Coz his apendix burst that day..
It wasn’t the majik that he lacked..

Every questions created..
By the answers first..
When u realise this is so..
You’ll work out which is worse..

Karma fate, or fluke..
Empowering all 3..
I’ve set the wheels in motion..
And it’s in timing now, you’ll see..

I do not have the answers,
But “we’re” forging the keys..
At first he seems a jealous god?
Except he always sets us free..
God he lives within us..
Believes in people like me and you..
He’s got a twisted sense of humour
Dont doubt he’ll guide us through!
(chanelled via source;god > I had to ask him about this bit because you were specific>
Testing makes us stronger..
Unconditional ❤ love is true..
It doesn’t make it easy tho..
Until light>loves strengths;powers grew..
I too am tortured;haunted dear ones..
By these cold medieval ways
Now that they’ve awakened me..
Light is NOT darks slave..

They cannot take what is not theirs..
Yes they’ll leave a bruise..
Abusers dealing out abuse..
Our light will

bailey jenson

Gods a phoenix I the flames
The money will be used..
Destroying these damned nations.
And the powers they’ve abused..
Time is not an issue,
There’s plenty of it left..
Living it.. While talking it..
Is why our lives been blessed..

Sometimes I get anxious..
Yes at times in scared..
But that’s why majik works for us..
Coz in other realm we dared!
To do what’s thought “impossible”
To raise a fathers son?
To believe I god.. In love.. In light..
Until the gauntlets run
The battle has been won..
Now we need to run..
Towards the ones we need the most..
NoW nothing can be done!
(to stop us)

Another Voice

i speak to the crowd
it’s more forgiving than the silence
the unrelenting violence
i wound myself with tears
remorse and hellish jeers
the kind of hurts that sprouts in fears
and grows through years
it’s still here, and overmore clear


A shroud, no more.
I speak to the room
it’s less quiet than this tomb
perhaps it’s something you didn’t want to hear
what’s the use of it you silently sneer
sink your sorrows with a beer
clink the glasses in cheer
a slowly the end
grows near
and somehow you’re still here

listening to me, moan about you, moaning about me, moaning about me
or the lack of you.


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