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What’s Your Quest?
What Are You Looking For
In All This Mess?
In The Piles Of Garbage
Lying Plastic And Flesh!

Eating Junk Food Along With Chemical Shakes
To Feel Fresh!
Dumping Waste On The Oceans Bed
Between Air Pollution And Deforestation
We Build Our Nest

Polluting Water
Humans Ready For Litmus Test!?
Following Banners And Advertisements
Of Where To Invest!

On A Never Ending Endeavor
Of Which God Is The Best?
Wars And Fight
Human The Reaper Of The Death

No Thirst For Truth
But For Fashion And Latest Trends
Minds Are Bend
Towards Bigger Screen Mobiles And Laptops
Real Issues No One Willing To Attend

Politicians And Genocide
History Repeats Itself!
Natural Calamities
Don’t Seem To Rest!

Nature Destroyed, Causing Turmoil!
No Where To Put Up Tents
Refugees Cries
Plastic Lying On Top Of Everest

Earth Quakes, Flood And Tsunami
Glaciers Melting
Global Warming

Oil Spills
Reservoir Depletion
Depleting Resources
Changes In Weather And Seasons

Nationality And Money Is All That Matters
Everything Else Is Quoted Treason
Earth As We Know It
Is Suffering From A Deadly Fever!

As We Know It

As We Know It


Written by A.P

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