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Ashes To Ashes
Dust To Dust
Born Today
Tomorrow Mixed Into Earth

In Between What You Gathered?
Greed Or Love
What You kept?
And What You Spread
With Each Other?

There’s Nothing Wrong
In The Truth You See
The Brutality And Dishonesty
It’s Part Of World We Live
Just Don’t Leave It As It Is..

There’s Nothing Right
In Preconceived Judgements That You Believe
Arrogance And Ego
You Should Leave

There Is Nothing For You
That You Can Take
But You Will Leave
All The Things You Made
So Leave It A Better Place

A Impression
A Long Lasting Memory
Foot Prints On Earth
To Follow
You Are The Universe
The One Big And Hollow

Don’t Fill It With Things You Can’t Keep
Make Sure When You Sleep
You Have Memories In Your Dreams

You Can Spread Love
From Beyond The Grave
People Remember You
Examples You Make

The Love You Create
Will Make You Immortal And Brave
For What You Spread
Gonna Sustain

Whatever You Create
Spreads Like Dust
And Covers Everyone
Who Comes In Touche

You Are The Scattered Powder
That Covers The Whole Universe

Ashes To Ashes
Dust To Dust
The Only Thing That Ever Mattered
Is The Love!!

Ashes To Ashes

Ashes To Ashes


Written by A.P

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