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Person who takes all & Gives nothing
Is coward within!

Person who laughs a lot! & Cries never
Is hiding somewhere!

Person who is always in groups & Never alone
He don’t know what patience is for..

And The One who is always alone..Is creepy
And hiding something within!

To many saying!
By The Way
Which one is correct?
Being judgmental!?
Is stupidity at it’s Best

Let me navigate My Way!
Why You telling?!
Which way I might find the right gate.
What Makes You Think We Going For Same Place?

Did I ask for your help??
If I want
I won’t shy away

My Destination
My ways
Wrong gate or right gate
Or the bloody wrong highway!

No way it’s yours to decide!
My life, My choice!
& Why your tools?
Just back off
You The One With rules!





Written by A.P

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