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You Are Not Sorry For Love Of God!
For Sins You Committed
And The Fraud
You Are Sorry Cause You Got Caught

Now You Repent Or
Just Pretend
Thinking In The End
Redemption Will Be Your Reward!

It Would Have Continued
Cause There Was No One To Stop
When No Eye Stared You
All The Lines You Crossed!

Now That It’s All Out In The Open
And For You There Lies A Block
Now You Are Sorry
How Convenient Is It Not?

It’s Nothing But Fear Of Punishment
That Makes You Cry A Lot!
Else You Never Gave It Any Real Consideration
Thank So Much For For Your Thought!

You Took Pride In Your Plot!
Lies Topped With Lies
That Was All It Was
“You See It Was Not My Fault”
I Heard Lies Of All Sorts!

But Somehow It Fell Short!
And The Mask Fell Off!
You Are Sorry Cause You Got Caught!
Now Don’t Speak Words “Honest To God!”
Cause You Are Not!!




Written by A.P

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