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There Is Something Bigger Than You And Me!
Is This Name- ‘God’ Of Whom I Dare Speak
Incomprehensible To The Entire Race Of Human Being!
The Energy, The Vibe And With Intensity With Which It Screams!

Clueless We Are Drifting Between
The Nature, Wonders Of Stars, Tailor Made Universe In Which We Live
Sometimes Hard To Believe
Sky, Mountains, Galaxies And Sea
Endless And Deep!

The Silence And Beauty Of Nature So Serene
Equally Destructible The Reality Of The Calamities
No Where Does Human Stands And Gets To Witness It’s Worst Dream
The Realization That The Force Of Nature We Can’t Beat!
The Very Thought Spreads Like Disease And We Feel So Helpless And Weak!

Every Breath We Breathe
The Dreams When We Sleep
What All Human Mind Can Learn And Conceive
How Simple It Seems
But Complexities Concealed!

Beautiful And Horrifying It Is!
To Realize Intensity Of Something Supreme
How Tall Stands The Trees
And So Many Species

We Are Lost In Oblivion
And Staring Into Abyss
How Little We Are
And How Universe Is So Very Big!

Who Put Us Here?
And What Was The Need?
Did We Ever Think?
But We Busy In Endless Greed!
Beautiful Nature Human Received

With All It’s Seriousness
Do We Ever Meditate On It And Feel!
With Reality Do We Deal?
Universe And It’s Complexities
And Realize We Are Very Small Part Of It!

Au Grand Sérieux

Au Grand Sérieux


Written by A.P

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