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Zoned Out Into The Dreams
With Reality I Can’t Catch Up
And I Can’t Keep
It Seems Too Unreal To Me!

The People As They Speak
And The Egos As They Feed
Into The Silence I Fall
I Fall Endlessly
Heavy It Feels!

Learn To Enjoy And Learn To Breathe
Keep The Thoughts At Bay
Silence The Mind As It Screams
Do We Need Words To Fill The Void?
Can’t We Just Sit Quiet For A While!

I’m With You
Are You With Me?
Can You Catch Up To The Speed
Of The World And Material It Needs

It Always Lacks Something
It Always Needs More
I’m Talking Of Greed
Tame The Ego
It Wants To Take Control!

It’s Selfish And It’s Mean
In The Middle Of Suffering
Can We Be Serene?
Endless Questioning Of The Being!

Can We Sit Alone
And Not Be Defined By World And It’s Possessions
Can We Listen To The “OM”
Feels It’s Rhythm And Expression

I’m Zoned Out
But I’m In Me
To Everything I Listen
Silence It Speaks
It Passes A Message To My Ear
It Wants Me To See!

This World Is A Expression
The Art Of Living
Is To Breathe
Let The Beauty Consume You
You Are Alive The Soul Speaks!

Let The Ghost Of Past Go
It’s Alright To Not know
Future Let it Unfold
Don’t Let Emotions Take It’s Hold!

I’m Zoned Out
It’s A Expression Of Self
It’s The Silence Where Answers Dwell!




Written by A.P

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Created out of nothing. Suit of stardust soul for stuffing, this is what we are no need for bluffing, Sitting listening to the chests metronome, somehow remembering connecting with home, home is where we make it meaning the choice is ours, some choose machines others choose hours, my choice a place beyond my belief, somehow always turning over a new leaf, i did not create this place the credit is not mine, but the creator is somehow always in mind, blessed with silence or my stimuli, both are blessed and choices which are mine, both are what unite you and I.


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