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Waiting for something
To hear knock on the door
Times fly by
Feeling insecure
Of things unsure

I was born in excess
Now it’s all bare bone
I use to stand in a crowd
Now scared to stand alone

Looking at the stars
In the distance always lies the cure
Uncertainty is consuming
In times of stress
I was programmed to consume
To feel in control

Did I need it?
God Knows..
It was all shiny
Grabbed me by shoulder
With lure and a tight hold

What was it ?
It held me choked
I will be complete
If these things I wore

I will be better, stronger, powerful
When I will wear diamond and gold
Maybe Little more
I was playing a part, Role
In play called Croaked

I use to live in excess
Now it’s all bare bone
Tomorrow what will come
Who knows
Today I Can say- It’s all bare bones!

Bare Bones

Written by A.P