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Where Am I?
Where Am I Going?
Will It Be Same Old Story?
Repeating Again And Again- Boring!

Won’t I Change?
Change For Good!
Change For Me!
Changing Towards What I Dream To Be!

Waking Up From The Sleep
With Eyes Open
Flying Leaps
Or Will I Be Bound
Thrown Over Heap!

Shit So Deep!
Won’t I Rise Up?
Try Break The Cage And Flea!
Or Will I Be Stuck
Never To Move Freely

How Big Is It A Deal?
Will I Be Stuck In A Loop
Always On Repeat!
When Will I Break And Not Be A Sheep!

Doing As Being Told
Won’t I Do As Per My Needs?
To My Brain What Do I Feed!?
Rise Above All And Come Clean!

I’m What I Make Up Of Myself!
And Not Give Into Cheap!
I Will Rise
And Breathe!

I Am And Will Always Be Free!
Fight Against Greed!
Fight Against Monotonous
Fight To Be Me!




Written by A.P

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