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Asking me-     How I Smile!
Cause I’m tiered of people
And How They make you cry!

When you seen so much..Then you know what stays!
All is stays is you
Everything else bails!
You won’t even know what comes & goes on me..

For your sake I will say
I seen it all & people can be cheap!
Make you sad, can be selfish  & cheats
Why you wanna be in misery cause of these Hypocrites!

You don’t need this..
Smile on your face needs to be big!!
Smiling when broke got a crazy feeling..

I seen your smiling photos you look hot in those!
Hold there tiger tight,
Don’t go in sad mode

Smile buddy no matter how much you broke!

It’s always said it’s all about getting up after falling down!
A Smile on your face!
I love the way above line sounds!

Chant the phrase- “NO ONE IS BOSS OF ME”
Sadness go to hell..



Been There Done That

Been There Done That


Written by A.P

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