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Control Over Me And You!
Ideas Are Stopped
So They Could Maintain Their Rule

Truth Vanishes In The Air
Just Like That – Poof!
Destroying All The Evidence And Proof!
With Idiot Box
Any New Thought, Been Over Ruled

They Censor
In The Name Of Protection
And Control The View
Hence The Society And How It Moves

For Ages It’s Done Nothing New
Masses Following The Trend
Without Any Clue
Making Us Fools

Feeding Us Junk Food
What They Show Is Far From The Truth
It’s All Censored For Comfort
And With Television We Are Glued

What We Think And How We Think!
While Watching Television
On Edge Of The Seat
We Don’t Blink!

Mind Control Is The Theme
Subliminal Messages They Feeding You And Me!
Controlling Our Emotions And Belief
How We Perceive Things

They Want Us To Cave In!
So All We Could Care Is Flat Screens
Televisions With High Definition
Manipulating Schemes

It’s All About Control
That Is What It All Is For!
They Put Halt To The Truth
And Make Us Watch Stupid Shows!
Truth They Don’t Want Us To Know!




Written by A.P

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