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You Fight A Fight
Till You Can’t Breathe No More
Again You Get Up And Fight
You Fight With Broken Bones
You Fight Ones More!

That’s Life
And That’s What You Are Here For!
Are You Chasing Security!
Always Waiting To Be Sure?

You Dive Into The Sea
Or Are You Standing On The Shore!
Your Powers You Doubt?
Are You Afraid And Insecure!

Can You Create The Magic, The Power, The Force?
Do Dare Fight Head On!
You Are A Warrior In The Core!
Don’t Let The Warrior Die
Find It’s Inspiration Source!

Do You Believe In Self
Do You Dare Open The Door!
Where You Sit With Self
You Stare Into Your Soul!

It Gives You Power
To Dodge What They Throw!
You Get Up And Fight!
And You Fight Ones More!

Warrior Never Gives Up
You Dodge All The Sticks And Stones
The Power To Do So
Is Uniquely Your Own!

It's Just The Beginning!

It’s Just The Beginning!


Written by A.P

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