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Show me what you hide inside!
Show me your face…
Remove the mask…That saves you!
I want to understand more…
This is LOVE not HATE!!

Looking for the answers
Searching for the clues
I know you have it all!
I want to see & feel your shades!
The Shades of TRUE YOU!!

What makes you & Breaks you!
What makes you hide & Makes you smile
I Want to swim in the deep sea..
That runs deep inside

I want to feel your pain!
I want to see your smile
I want to feel it all!!
Yes!! I want you to be Mine!

I Know emotions runs deep…
& Some times Unsatisfied,
I’m looking for the key…
Which opens the door to your View Point!

What is the world to those eyes?
How do they see it!?
How many questions do they Hide!
I just don’t wanna Know…I WANNA FEEL IT!!!

Deep & Black…
It doesn’t reflect back..
It holds all inside, AbsorbsĀ  all!
Mysterious & Secretive
Hard not to fall!

Hard to penetrate..
It’s deep for sure..
Take my hand!
It’s only for you…It’s only for you to hold!

Tell me all your secretes!
Tell me about your life..
I want to absorb it all!
WOW!! Your Voice!!

Your voice it makes my day!
It’s my favorite Song of allĀ  time..

What do they say…Your eyes!
What Secret lies behind your smile!
You…You rule My mind!


Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask


Written by A.P

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