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It’s the people who believe in themselves
Fly to touch the sky
Though the path may be tough
With will one can cover thousands of miles

It’s the people who believe in themselves
They change the way world looks at them
May be hard & difficult at first
Dedication break the dry spell,

Respect & Honor is the word for people who never give up & never quit
People may not be as helpful or even care
But I know where I want to reach so why stop else where

I can see the other end
All I need to do is my best & Improve every second
In this life
It’s all about learning

Running till I reach
Destination is success what else it could be
A amazing place with refreshing air
Amazing  view point from up there

Who needs to sleep
Who needs water or even food to eat
I’m not quitting till I succeed
Be the best or die trying
Amazing attitude, sends me flying

Not scared of world & there criticism
Today failure & Tomorrow awaits big achievement
I believe in me & Know what I want
Time the factor remaining
Now I’m hard headed & strong




Written by A.P

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Great poem !! Good human nature has always been the enemy of any thing superior.. Start with good human nature 🙂


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