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Baa! Baa!
Black sheep have you any wool?
Yes Sir! Yes Sir!
Three bags full!

Baa! Baa!
Why do you ask?
What the fuck your need?
Get aside baby! I’m odd freak sheep on the streets!

Baa! Baa!
Black Sheep!
Act in proper way & act your age!
I don’t care even if you hate!
You people judge too much!
Did I ask you gay or straight!?

Baa! Baa!
Black sheep why do you bleed?
I’m sick of everyone..
Who acting like..They the maker’s
So called THE Big Daddy!
Judge yourself first you shit!
As Per You I’m Odd
And Don’t Fit!
All just make believe!

Running in the field
Someone captured me
& They call me the black sheep
Cause of my appearance apparently
Now I run within the boundaries..
Captured by guy named  “Ethics” !

You want my wool?
& That to three bags full!
One for your master
One for dame
& One for boy who lives down the lane!!

What left for me there?
& You call me insane!

You want me to be white sheep..
Which everyone likes & never acted biased with
You judge everything!
I’m just a black sheep & you call me creep!

Living in make believes
You plant the seed &
Apple never falls far from the tree!
No need to tell me what I need!

Burst the bubble
I won’t roam in my skin..naked, naive
Just cause you ask from me, My everything !
No running cold in streets
You selfish- Hypocrites !

Just a black sheep
Trying best to adjust with your so called Ethics !
Living in make believe..
All just real is ME!!

Black  Sheep

Black Sheep


Written by A.P

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