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“Holy Books” Says To Help Each Other
Be Good And Forgive Brothers And Sisters
But Greed We Nurture
We Slaughter In The Name Of God
Without Thinking It Further

It Says More Love And Less Hate
But We Get Egoistic
By Taking The Gods Name
This God Is Real, Rest All Is Fake
We Do Opposite To What We Pray

Starving And Killing People In The Street
How Hostile And Ignorantly We Behave
God Was An Outlaw
But Behind The Law We Feel Safe

It Was About Morally Right And Wrong
So We Can Change Our Ways
And Not Only Give Into What Law Says
And Use Our Brain
The Message Is Lost

And In Gods Name We Slay
Making Sure Only One God Stays
What A Way!!
To Control Masses And To Give Their Belief A Shape

Try Speak Logic
And Blasphemy Becomes The Case-

Against The God How Can You Speak?
By Saying This What Do You Mean?
In The Night How Can You Peacefully Sleep?
You Don’t Know How Much God Done For You And Me!

It’s Blasphemy!
You And Your Beliefs Are Cheap
You Atheist!
Creation Of Universe
Story Of Genesis

Staring Adam And Eve!
Why Don’t You Believe?
It’s As Real As It Gets
Noah Ark Was Real Thing
Noah Was Great Human Being!

You Will Be Condemned For Your Belief
It’s Blasphemy!
How Can You Speak Ill?
It’s All Clear You Can’t See!
How Real It All Seem!

Killing In The Name Of God!
It Connects With Religious People Deep
We Don’t Get The Morals
But Fighting Endlessly For Make Believe Which One Is Supreme

“I Am Sending You Like A Sheep”
– Matthew 10:16




Written by A.P

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