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The Life We Chose
The Life We Lead
It Takes Us Where We Want To Be
Our Actions Shows What We Believe

The Words Are To Pretend
And Pretenders Are We!
Actions Proves What We Really Mean
Later We Cover With Words
To Deceive!

The Life We Chose
The Life We Lead
No One Can Force Us
It’s All About What We Need!

Our Thoughts Will Change Into Actions
And Actions Will Speak
Mind With Selfish Motives And Greed

Trying To Cover Up The Act
But Karma Won’t Leave
You Will Be Held
And Will Pray For The Release

It Will Stick Till The End
There Won’t Be Relief
Are We So Blindfolded
With Words We Get Pleased?

Are We So Naive?
That We Forget To See?

Wars We Overlook
And The Hidden Greed
All Of Sudden It’s Justified
Killing And Destroying In The Name Of Peace
It’s All The Fight For Resources
But Indulging In Covering Up Stories

They Try Not To Get Caught
They Try To Flee
Murders On Their Hands
But They leave The Crime Scene

While Few Smiles Millions Screams
No One Gets Caught
Protected By The Law
With Clean Chit They Leave

But The Truth Is
We Blindfolded With Words Of Deceit
Ignorance Is The Biggest Enemy
Into Darkness It leads
We Surrender To Schemes

We Are Blindfolded Beings
Our Senses Satisfied With Fake
Explanation, Fashion And Society
In A Box We Live
Following The Lead..

Think Before!
Think What Is All This For?
Think How It Affects?
Wars Killing Millions
The Ones Crying For Help

Criminals Out There Free
And Not Being Held
Our Minds Being Bend
Take The Blindfold Off
Bring It To The End

Going For Wars
Later We Will Repent
Killing The Fellow Men
For Who? And Why?
This Way No One Will Survive

We In Blindfold
Our Mind Being Controlled
Truth On The Hold
While Lies Freely Flows

Say It- No More!
See Into Actions
And Be Sure
Take Out The Blindfold Off!
Before You Go Forth!




Written by A.P

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