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I know what’s mine!
& I know what’s yours!
I wanna understand how you smile
But don’t want to see you drop a tear more…

Just for smile I can drive thousand mile
Just don’t hurt yourself no more
I know what’s mine & I know what’s yours!

I know you are not mine..
But the feelings gets a  hold,
Hold of me
I want you to be  bold,
That’s what i want you to be!
I am here just turn around & See..

If it hurts then it hurts us both
Mine you can’t see but it hurts for sure!
There’s no bounding you from my side
But your smile makes me aim high!
This is not something I can define
Love exaggerates sometime!

You say nice..I hear awesome!
You say not good..I think- what should have been done instead!?
I know it seems stupid!
But it’s harmless!
It can suffocate me
Never leave you breathless!

I love you a thousand times,
Love exaggerates that’s right!
All for your smile I don’t mind!

Don’t go low, Go with Flow!
You in hard place I know!
Hard place makes one wiser as each day go!
You are brave I know!

Life makes one learn in different ways!
It’s tough love as we say!
No pain, No gain!

Learned more about life in pain!
The red eye effect I had it for days!
I’m stronger from yesterday!

No pain, No gain!
Go nuts & smile on it’s face!
Tell difficulties- I learned to find new ways!
And I’m stronger with each passing day!

I know you are brave!


You Are Brave!

You Are Brave!


Written by A.P

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