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We All Have Tendency
To Break Away And Start New Life!
To Break All The Connections And Ties
Do We Really Have Problems With Others?
If So Isn’t It Just In Our Mind?

Is It With Others!?
Or Is It Just Hurt Ego Of Me, My And Mine!?
Trying To Break Away From The Lies!
Why Is It There!

More Moment To Cry
And Seldom We Smile
Are We Expecting Too Much From Others!?
And They Always Fall Shy And Behind!

Why Is It!
We Always Looking For Motivational Lines
Why Doesn’t It Come From Inside?
Consumed By Thoughts Day And Night!

Try To Break The Chains
Not Physical But Psychological We Tied!
Towards Self Pity And Misery We Inclined!
Sorry For Oneself

Sorry For Changed Time!
Why Is It We Fixated So Much On Bad?
That Good We Hardly Find!
Is It Hard Looking On Bright Side!?

Ray That Shines In The Eyes
But We Live In Dark
Open Eyes But Blind!
Why Is It We Always Feel Obliged?

Sorrows And Regrets Collects Piles Over Piles
It Is More Mental
But Physically We Are Fine!
Truth Of The Matter We Always Decline

Frustrated With The Outcome
We Want To Run Away From Life
Look Carefully
Where Are We Actually Tied!?
Prisoner Of Mind!

“For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy”  – Bhagwat Gita




Written by A.P

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