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You Been Laid Off
So, Corporates Can Earn More
It’s Soulless, Still Insecure

It’s Ruthless And Ungrateful
You Done Your Job And Paid For
Now You Are Fired
And Asked To Leave The Floor And Go Forth

All They Want Is To Earn More
People May Lose
But Corporates Won’t!

Exploiting The Human Resource
Just So They Survive
They Sell Off The Load

They Wanna Shine In Day Light
Throwing People Life In Black Hole
Corporates Ungrateful
Run By The Unfaithful

Making People Homeless
So They Earn More
Doing So Willingly
So Few Can keep Their Million Dollar Status And Quote

It’s All For The Money Rolls
They Keep Many In Blindfold
Exploiting The Loopholes
They Enjoy In Doing So!
The VP’s And CEO’s!

They Don’t Care If You Survive!
For Money, Exploiting They Don’t Mind!
Corporates A Organized Crime!
First They Do Wrong
And Then They Turn Blind!

Even If Economy Falls
All They Want
Is Their Status On Rise
And Grip Tight

It’s Done All The Time!
When Bubble Burst
You Will See The Lies!

Bubble Burst

Bubble Burst


Written by A.P

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