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I Have Buyers Remorse
But What For?
I Bought Something
Cause In Advertisement It Was Shown

And By Shills I Was Told To Do So
The Way The Product Corporates Promotes
Big Banner Road Side They Hold
Big Windows With Mannequins
And Psychological Control

But I Don’t Feel Any Happy Or Content!
The Way It Was Portrayed
On The Television
Instead I regret!
Indulging In Consumerism
Should Have Done Something Else Instead!

Is It The Peer Pressure?
That Makes Us Feel Depressed?
A Bigger Car, A Latest Mobile
A Big Mansion
Outside All Seems Nice
On Loans And Non Stop Working Hours
That’s How I Survive

But Happiness Does Not Arrive
When We Buy
But It Comes From Inside
To Help Each Other
And By Giving Meaning To Life!

Buyers Remorse..Why Did I Buy?
I Don’t Feel Any Change!
But Change Comes From Inside!

What We Think
And How We Feel
Do You Let Go Of Things?
Or Cling On And Never Leave

For How Long Quite Can We Stay?
Can We Enjoy The Void?
Cause Material
Can’t Take It’s Place

The Stillness And Emptiness
Forever Will Stay!
Learn To Enjoy It

Or Indulge Onto Things
Which Later We Regret And Hate
It’s The Buyers Remorse
Corporate Using Urge To Fill The Emptiness
As It’s Bate

Catching Us Into Psychological Traps
Showing The Consumerism Is The Way

But Void Can’t Be Filled
And It Can’t Be Replaced!
Learn To Live Without Shopping Few Days
And You Will Know To Be Happy What It Takes

It’s The Buyers Remorse
And Money Is Strengthening It’s Hold
Not Letting Us Go And Brings Out The Ego
Consumerism Is Not The Way To Go!

Happiness The Strength And The Force!
Create A Life Of Understanding
And Understand What We Are Made For!

Not To Buy And Die!
But To Give Each Other Helping Hand!
And Enjoy Our Time!

Don’t Do What Is Shown As Right
Use Your Head
Think In Terms Of Energy And Vibes!!

Buyers Remorse

Buyers Remorse



Written by A.P

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