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Can You See?
Or Are You Lost In Oblivion?
Losing Sense Of Time
And Gone Blind!

How Alert Are You
Can You Handle The Stress And Fight?
Can You Find The Strength Inside?
Why You Falling Behind?

Can You Be In The Moment
With Clear Thoughts And Sharp Eyes
With Destination In Your Mind
Is Your Memory Fuzzy? Or Fine?

Can You Clearly Define
The Destination
Where You Eventually Wish To Arrive?
And How? In Style?

And How You Plan To Make Life Worth The While
You Plan To Barely Survive Or Thrive?
You Looking Forward To Live Or Waiting To Die?
To Not live Fully Is A Crime!

Can You Catch The Opportunity When It Strikes
Can You Reason And Justify
Why You Scared Of Competition And Complications
That You Start To Hide
Fear Is A Lie

Your Take On Life Can You Clarify?
And Can You Answer All The Follow Up- Why’s?
Can You Live The Moment Completely
And Not Be Suffocated By Past And Not Cry

What Happened – Happened!!
It’s Gone Now, Bye- Bye!
Can You?
Then Why Don’t You Try!?

Can You?

Can You?


Written by A.P

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bailey jenson

Funny thing, about standing by..
Watching, judging, explaining why..
People do the things they do..
Write it up, and pressure you..
Control is not what it appears..
Manipulation, tempting fears..
Until one grabs it by its ears..
Shows them that they cant draw tears..
People will always speculate..
Draw attention..
Tempt your hate..
While they play games..
And they debate..
They’re not our friends..
They’re not our mates..
Why they do it?
Lol .. Goodness sakes!


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