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Plunge For Better

Now I Start, Inside I Suffocate A huge urge to make my way! I Take the Plunge Falling from sky realizing I’m Hurt! Wounds open wide Flashback from the life I see a boy Who wanted to make big! Dreamed so high.. & Never realized to what to stick What he actually wanted Where to… Read more »

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Open Doors

No Misery  &  No Pain No crying You know what I changed my name! And I started living in this new place. With great view of hope & When I open the doors! What comes running is life. Hits with a amazing zest & surprise Hip – Hip- Hurray And High Five! Keeps me excited… Read more »

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Time Is NOW

When you want something in life And You want it bad There’s no time to think Now is the time to act If you don’t act now The feelings won’t come back You got to act now And You got to act fast When you want something in your life And You want it bad… Read more »

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Live Love Life

One Day We Are Born Someday We All Will Die.. One Day We Are Born, Someday We All Will Die.. What Do We Search When We Hang In Alive? Is It The Money? or Is It The Pride? It’s Very Complex To Term Life Yet Something As Simple As “Love” Makes Everything Bright It Can… Read more »

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Never Lose Face

I have a face, I got my voice I am not afraid There’s nothing wrong in trying Don’t cover for me Don’t speak for me I Have a face I got my voice I am not afraid I love to try Don’t act on goodwill I know what good comes from it Don’t protect me… Read more »

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Infected with the Madness Destructive For the Sadness Left it- Left it.. Where it belonged… Past & Memories Resurrected Back….Was dead For long ! Hold On! Infectious…Infectious mind Taking over the body.. Let’s start a new story Smirky smile I’m Back – I’m Alive! Let’s start from where we left it Then Angel, To now… Read more »

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  Are you scared to say What you got to say Cause you might lose the one? You got to act today!! Are you afraid to do What you got to do CAUSE PEOPLE MIGHT THINK YOU ARE A FOOL!!! Are you afraid to be you? Are you afraid to speak your mind?! I Think… Read more »

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Die Trying

A life of lies Man behind dark glasses A smile to hide Real me burned in the ashes Dark of night! Lying awake for next morning Sun light! & Here it Shines – Show me the real side! Why you hiding? Show me your eyes! Back from a crime? Then why you disgusted? Killed someone did… Read more »

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Good Night

Should I Sing you a lullaby So you sleep tonite I Know the hurt behind your eyes Everyone cries That’s life People get strong with time They learn how to survive They come to know what’s best So why cry? Let time do the rest, Right! What you been through & The pain you feel… Read more »

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May Force Be With You

I don’t know exactly what to say! But whatever I may say will be a waste You need to be strong & learn to love the hate Else whatever I will say will be a waste You make your mind & be determined That’s how results are reached in life I might change my words… Read more »