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Leave No Dream Behind We All Gonna Die Keep On Going Keep On The Fight How You Gonna Survive? You Are Not Gonna Eventually But You Will Leave Your Vibes The One Who Never Gave Up The One Who When Wakes All The Devil Runs And Hide And Never Caved Leave No Dream Behind What… Read more »

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Paradigm Shift

Life Is Weird, The Day You Are Happy.. The Same Day You Can Be Cleaning Up Your Tears It Will Never Back Stab You And Life Will Never Tap Your Back Too Life Is Always With A Question Tell Me – You Are Who? What You Made Of? Do You Got Anything New? It’s You… Read more »

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Plunge For Better

Now I Start, Inside I Suffocate A huge urge to make my way! I Take the Plunge Falling from sky realizing I’m Hurt! Wounds open wide Flashback from the life I see a boy Who wanted to make big! Dreamed so high.. & Never realized to what to stick What he actually wanted Where to… Read more »

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Open Doors

No Misery  &  No Pain No crying You know what I changed my name! And I started living in this new place. With great view of hope & When I open the doors! What comes running is life. Hits with a amazing zest & surprise Hip – Hip- Hurray And High Five! Keeps me excited… Read more »

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Come Find Me!

Will You Come Find Me? In This Vast World I’m A Small Human Being Will You Come And Will You Find Me Please! Ever Expanding And Ever Changing Needs Will You Be Scared If I Grow Faster Than What You May Know! Will You Understand And Will You Support Will You Be My Hand To… Read more »

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You Are The Ink In My Pen When I Write You Give Me Strength Thinking Of You And Thinking What You Might Have Felt I’m Alone, But You Consume My Mind That’s Where Strength I Find. You Give Me Courage You Make Me Rhyme It Makes Me And Breaks Me At Times Is This Love?… Read more »

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Speaking Volumes

What Are Tears? Why Do They Fall? With A Single Gesture Inside We Crawl So Many Emotions And Feeling We Instantly Recall What Is It Trying To Say? The Messages With Help Of Eyes Soul Trying To Convey! The Love And The Hate We Try To Gather Courage And We Break Caressing The Cheeks Falling… Read more »

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Curious Case

Out of comfort zone Won’t you go? Don’t you wanna learn more? Let it go!! Flowing with world flow! Vanishing up in smoke! Searching something to hold…? May rest in peace your soul Is sacrifice the key to achieve  dreams? You said run for dream & feel free within & Why does the world spin?… Read more »

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  Zoned Out Into The Dreams With Reality I Can’t Catch Up And I Can’t Keep It Seems Too Unreal To Me! The People As They Speak And The Egos As They Feed Into The Silence I Fall I Fall Endlessly Heavy It Feels! Learn To Enjoy And Learn To Breathe Keep The Thoughts At… Read more »

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What Did You Just Say? Touché? A Good And Valid Point I Make? I Think We Should Use The Word Cliché! The Question Has Lost It’s Meaning! “How Are Humans Made? Why Are We Living?” Living To Obey? Obey The Elites For Them We Are Nothing But Labor And Slave No Need To Be Afraid… Read more »