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One step ahead from yesterday
Trying to make ways
The long highway leading to destiny
Burning the tyres
Ahead is karma
& people following  it’s lead

Road with infinite opportunity
But overlooking Speed limit& Stop Signs
How easy to crash
But right now all wants to fly

No end to human & it’s desire
Burning world on fire
All people want is more & more
Give them silver, They start looking for gold

No end to searching
Ya keep digging
Soon you will burn to ashes in a volcano
Just Keep going deeper in search of gold

Keep wasting, Keep looking
Throw caution to the wind

I have a car, but I want one more
I have the gold, Now, Find me more costlier ore
Kill the animal will make a good purse
When money rolls who cares if someone gets hurt

Slaughter animals, Burn petrol
keep Digging, Did you not hear?

Tell me now when there will be no water & trees
Will you breathing from the money?
Get ready I’m coming to steal your every penny!

Caution To The Wind

Caution To The Wind


Written by A.P

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