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Thoughts which surround me
Thoughts all around me
Thoughts they never leave!
Days hard & Nights longer it seems..

Cramped in a little place
Surrounded with question
Who? When? & Why?
Choking suffocation

Questions are so loud!
& Answers are silent
I mark everyday
It’s a sign of violence

War in my mind
Body on the stake
I fight everyday
& Everyday I break!

This is part & parcel of life
As if to say
Fittest will survive!

Part & Parcel of life
Shaking your confidence
Tear fall from the eyes

Ups & Downs
Silence eating you alive!
How will I survive?
Questions & Questions running wild!

Where’s the answers?
Where can I Find?
Sages do they tell the truth?
Or God is a lie?

Part & Parcel of life!
Now is the time! God open your eyes!

Why sadness creeps in my mind?
Why am I not satisfied ?
Say something DAMN IT!
I need to hear it out!
I’m hollow inside!

I search for answers
& Inside I die!
Part & Parcel of life
Is fight to survive!

Cry or smile!
You have to do your Time!




Written by A.P

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