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Which direction to start from ?
Which emotion to catch into the net made of page,
What should it sound like – Angered, Raged
Or going through loneliness & depression stage

What’s this phase?
Can you see my face?
Stop the black horse of emotions,

How should it sound?
Will my words turn the world upside down
Will it leave any impact on them?
What will they think of it….?

Will they get what I wanna speak
Or critics gonna throw me in bottomless pit
Will my emotions run dry if I keep writing like this,
Will I jinx my work, If I keep pushing the limits

What should I write tonight
What is this moment about?
Should it always carry a rhyming sound?
Isn’t silence more destructive then speaking out loud

Which phrase should be written
How many cliches ?
Line after line
Should I explain about life again

Everything has been done & said earlier
There’s nothing new in it.
As it’s said people never change
& So never does the habits

When I write, I may offend someone
Something I can’t help!, It’s both of ours bad luck…stuck on a dead end.
The way it goes
To search for destination
One need to go up & down few roads

Learning from unknown
It’s said never leave any stone unturned,
Never let the moment go!

It’s the moment I’m captured in
& This is just the moments flow
It’s the vogue.
Creates a effortless flow & different direction it goes

I can transform myself into anyone & anything
I can transform into a hero & save someone
Or can be source of self destruction

Situations changed “Me’ into “New Me”
Arguing everything & Never believing in any belief

I try to do the good,
I try to do the right
May be I try to hard
I learned! it’s better to skip things sometime.
If things end up being wrong- This I don’t like
Where did things turnaround?
I try to find that particular point

It’s easy to kill myself & come to end of story
But if I won’t win over my fears
Then how will I reach the point of glory

This is what makes me go on & on & on.
May be my urge to be more & more strong

How low can I feel… still fashion a big grin
How many blows  can I carry.. & learn to dodge the danger that’s coming
How can I change the world & My surround
How can I always feel upbeat & Never let anything bring me down!




Written by A.P

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Aim without worry
Aim without doubt
The answer almost always seems to aim with out
Out the sound
In the soul
Above the crowd
But how,
Does it go in the whole?
Answers and directions are bubbles in the air
Waiting to be popped and heard
By everyone there
Not meant to fly alone
Everyone made a pair
Somehow somewhere
We exist to feel and be felt
Some freeze and some melt
Both bring us together
A hand for a hand each has been dealt.


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