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Can Anyone Break The Code?
What All We Here For?
Is This All There Is-
I Made This Much!
How Can I Make More?

Isn’t This All Make Believe
A Illusion, Just A Show!?
Do We Really Think Before We Go Forth?
A Trapped We Are Consumed In
And No Where To Go!

Is There More Than We Being Told
Is This Life A Cypher
And How Can We Decode?
Trapped Into Illusion Of Silver And Gold!

Do We Believe Everything We Are Shown?
Isn’t There More Than What Meets The Eyes
Are Our Minds Closed?
And In Loop We Are Thrown!

Do This And Get That
Pursuing Material And Shaped Into A Mold!
Won’t We Break It!
Won’t We Be Brave And Bold!

We Been Tripped Into A Hole!
And Tricked Into Believing This Is The Goal!
Consume Endlessly
Material To Feel Secure!

Aren’t We All Consumed Into Desire To Be Sure
Which Is Used Against Us
And Our Minds Being Lured
By Advertisements And Banners Which Glows

Satisfy Greed, Power And Ego!
And The Desire To Be Known!
Flaunt A Logo
Trapped Into Make Believe
And Our Souls Are Sold!

When Will The Truth Unfold
Don’t We All Die In Cupboard
What Difference Does It Makes!
Which Ever May Be The Logo!

Who Will Break The Code!?




Written by A.P

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