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For What Am I Waiting?
What Am I Thinking?
Is There A Better Time And Place?
Then Why My Soul Is Sinking?

I’m Alive
But Feels Hardly Living
What Are These Feelings
The Thoughts
And Heavy Gets Breathing!

Time Making Me Delirious
And Gets Harder Dealing!
The Irrationality And Vulnerability
Gets The Better Half
When Try To Do Reasoning

Mind Starts Screaming
The Thoughts And Stories Bleeding
In A Moment
Throat Starts Choking

It Doesn’t Stop
And Eyes Not Blinking!
In A Moment
Living Thousand Memories
Gets Over Bearing

Emotions Overloaded And Overlapping
Soul Starts Searching
And Questioning
Why World Seem Greedy?

Why Everyone Is Mean?
Should I Believe The Word “Believe Me”?
Why People Are Always Faking?
Demons And With Thoughts He Is Messing!

Why Are Thoughts So Fleeting?
In A Place Where I’m Safe
And I Call My Home
But Soul Tries Escaping!

Trying To Run
To A Better Place
So To Feel “The Safety”
Gravity Of Thoughts Always Heavy!
Do I Really See Clearly?

I’m The Thinker
And Thoughts Are Always Shaky
Thoughts Always In Making
I Am, Therefore I’m Thinking!

Cogito Ergo Sum

Cogito Ergo Sum


Written by A.P

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