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Thou Shalt Believe!
Then Only Thou Shalt
Achieve And Receive!
Believe In Thyself
And Universe Shalt Believe In Thee!

Thou Shalt Not
Give Up Thy Dreams
Thou Shalt Not
Give Up Thy Beliefs!
And Don’t Let Doubts Deceive!

Work Night And Day
F’r Thy Dreams
Thou Will Reap
The Fruits Of Thy Lab’r

But Nothing Is F’r Free
Understand Gods Scheme
And Thou Shalt Accomplish
The Feat

Thou Shouldn’t  Aroint In Cold Feet
From The Difficulty
And Then Thou Will Defeat
Odds Against All The Possibilities

Thou Shouldst Work Hard And Repeat!
Nothing Sticks Permanently!
If Thou Wouldst Believe
Thou Shouldst See

God Hests Ye!

Commandments, Amendments!

Commandments, Amendments!


Written by A.P

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