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You Have To Die First
To What You Wanna Live For!
Then Only
Success Is Yours!

You Have To Enjoy Less
And Suffocate More
Practice Till You Fall Down
On The Floor!

You Have To Breathe
You Have To Feel
That Roar
That Voice In The Head
Which Won’t Go!

Do It!
Do It, Damn It!
Once More!

You Hit The Wall
Still You Complete The Course
You Don’t Give Up
In Middle Of The Road!

You Walk Strong
You Become Bold
Experiencing All The Obstacle Thrown!

You Have To Die First!
To What You Wanna Live For
So What If It’s Early Morning
And Four?
Time Start Taking It’s Toll!

Still The Voice Keep Saying
Don’t Slow!
The Voice From The Core!
You Have To Die To Your Dreams
You Have To Die For Your Goals!

You Want To Be Sure?
Only Effort Can Bring That Control!
You Have To Die Few Times Before!
If Opportunity Don’t Knock
Build Yourself A Door!

Then Only It’s Your!




Written by A.P

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