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I’m a clown, A serious one!
This is a frown, But I changed it’s direction,
It’s upside down!
Can you tell the difference?
I do joke around but for reasons !

I’m a clown But a serious one!

Committed to my business
Will stick till the end!
You think I’m mad?
So true!! I am!!
What for?
I have my reasons
Logic & Explanations can’t see them!
No need to tell what I need to do!
I’m on my own, Who are you?

Better be mad, Then being sad,
I’m not mean, But can be bad!
Changed into maniac! A total whack,
Why is that?

Anyone tell me!
This is occupation hazard, No one sees this!
It’s all cause of thinking &
I do it!
All day long, People ask is something wrong?
It’s the occupation hazard &
Disease symptoms are evident & Strong!

You say I think to much!
That’s how I write my stuff!
It’s deemed to happen,
Buffering thoughts

What you looking for? I don’t know!
You hold onto things & not let go!

Should I do it? Or Not!
She loves me, She loves me not!
Should I be naive & Revel my weak spots
Or Have a strong drive & Silently carry the gun shots!
I asked myself thousand questions & Don’t know what not!

I’m a clown But a serious one!
Always searching for answers
& Don’t like things kept Undone!
Finish the Business,
That’s what we came for!
Keep going, keep running for dream, Until we score !

Getting Knocked out, I Don’t mind!
Things are supposed to happen,
& I will survive!
It’s the occupation hazard
people get slow at times

It’s my business
& I Think! –
What you want from me?
What is my dream?
That’s how I get up to write,
That’s the reason for everything!

I’m committed to my work & I love it!
Love the moments, I live & die in!
I’m a clown, A serious one!
You can never bring me down
That’s my dedication!
Occupation hazard- Suppose to happen!

I’m gonna write, Till I’m done!
Till I survive!
These are my moments & I love to Fly!

Clown- A serious one!
Joke- It’s my business!
Hidden meaning- If you could look for it!

Why serious!? Let’s give everything there is!
A Hundred percent so nothing is left undone
I joke but not for fun!
I’m committed & Don’t like anything kept undone!

I'm Committed

I’m Committed


Written by A.P

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