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I Got A Confession To Make
I’m Gonna Kill The People For Religion Sake
So Many Life On Stakes!
Every Night I Wake
With Question In Mind- Isn’t This All Fake?

One God Better Than Other?
The Very Thought Aches
Humanity And Peace Don’t Seem To Be The Way
But Murders And Killing
On Streets Everywhere

Father, Is This Right?
Don’t God Teaches Us More Love And Less Hate?
Why All The Debates
Aren’t All Teaching The Same?

Isn’t Money The Real God?
The One Which We All Pray
Worshiping The Material And Gains
Nature Destroyed
And Enjoying The Man Made

Concrete, Guns And Wars Prevail
While Mountain, Forest And Nature Erased
Is Human Really Safe?
Why Human Act Insane?

Aren’t We Our Own Enemies?
Enemy At The Gates
So Many Wars
For Oil And Resources
Religion Used As Bate!

Nations Flag We Wave
Killing For Control
Killing For Dominance
Of The Countries, Cities And States

Aren’t We All One?
For All The Wars
Who Is To Be Blamed?
So What If We Have Different Face

Why Don’t We Use Our Brain?
I Can See The Propaganda Now They Create
Blood Flows On The Street
I’m Not Going On War
I Realized My Mistake

“No One Rules
If No One Obeys”





Written by A.P

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