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Where Everyone Failed
Christ Was Nailed
A Man Who Comes Along With Change
Is Crucified Or Blamed

Society And It’s Way
Talking About Ethics And Killing With No Shame
It’s Always Been Same
Pretentious And Blinded By Belief And Faiths

Overshadowing Rationality Of The Brain
Prejudgment Been Maintained
Truth Hides
And Conspiracy Sustains

Scared Of New Ideas
So We Kill The Names
Socrates To Lincoln To Gandhi
Are The Ones We Assassinate

People Who Are Greats
The Legends And The Brave
People Who Tried To Change The Game
And How It’s Played

People Who Wanted Society To Break From The Chains
Spread More Love And Less Hate
And Not Be Slave
To Corporate

Now They Only Survive In Books
With Their Quotes And Phrase
Was It A Waste?
They Wanted Us To Decide Clearly And Not In Haste

All They Ever Tried Was To Separate
Real From The Fake
Show The Realty Of The Ones Who Dictates
Can We Relate?

Humanity Is More Important Than Money
All They Tried Was Free Ego From The Body
Speak The Reality
Talk About Equality

Show Us The Face Of Human And His Brutality
But All Are Dead And Gone
No One Know Why It Is!
Money More Important Than Love It Seems!

The Devil And His Schemes
Society Is Constantly Manipulated
It’s Nothing But
One Big Conspiracy!




Written by A.P

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