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Hey! What you good at?
What you do?
How the hell you walking with attitude?

Ya! I ain’t great in academics
I don’t carry A’s in marksheet
I can’t flaunt a job letter!
But do you think you can write as near or any better?

Beat this! Could you?
What you searching?
It’s not from any book!

Stop searching the index !!
It’s from the Chapter, Life & It’s lessons!
It’s the passion, It’s the heat!
A Total desire to be unique!

Lame is it?
Did book ever taught hardship?
Where’s the justice? Now cram This!!
Cramming to score good in exams?
Any degree for being street smart?

Did books help develop something big ever?
People who fail knows about life much better!
Who’s to say what’s wrong & whats right ?
Show me a concept that teaches how to survive!
This is frustration alright!

See my boy got ninety nine percent!, My daughter eighty!
Hahaha! Really? What does this mean?,
They will always make it big?
Does this really what one need to achieve

It’s all peer pressure ! Cram this!!
Who actually wanna make whole life a balance sheet?

where’s the creativity?
OHHH I see sketching the line with ruler & Pencil!
This is liability side & asset side!
Hahahaha! Here goes my whole life!
Show me which Math Book will help create
Thousands over night?

No book ever wrote about life & never will !
There’s no fixed concept to prove anything
Now cram this!!

Cramming books don’t make better person
It’s all about Spirit & effort
Respect is my present


No diploma, No PhD
No carrier consulting give me what I need!
I’m more content when I’m writing !


Cram This!

Cram This!


Written by A.P

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