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I killed my own with gun in my hand!
You call them relationship,
I choked them to death!

It was hard to stay & It was hard to leave
It was hard to hear as people speak
The hardest thing I had to do
You called me your own
But just came for benefit of you!

I pointed the gun towards the head..
Closed my eyes & Bang!
Pulled the trigger! Everything ends!

All what was there I murdered it in a second
I’m leaving right now..
Not gonna stay to collects bits & pieces
I’m leaving this crime scene!
Why? Why?? Why???

Always come when you see the profit
If it’s the partnership then share even the losses!
How long more can I care?
You just want the profit
So, let’s just end it here!

If call someone your own
Then Communicate back & forth
Soon they realize in things but
They realize in slow
Common!! They thought you were there own

So how can they easily let it go!?
It hard to loosen the grip!
Rope is made of emotions that they hold

Think of it-
Vanish up in the air for while
But When you need them come running with smile

Hey! How’s you? long time no see!
How could you say this?
Did you even try to reach me!

NAAA!! Till then now..There was no benefit for me.
Now I realized what I need!
YA! I can see your greedy teeth!

You made them kill it..It’s the feelings!
You made them think where were they heading!
What’s the meaning?

Come when you need them, It’s plain selfish!

It’s hard to let go!
It’s hard to make peace
It’s hard to come in terms with it
Cause it’s hard to picturize what this is!

Still they think from your point of view…
Though not required!
It’s plain selfish, They Know!
But don’t wanna open their eyes!
Everything is clear but they decide to turn in blind!

Time to time – Forward & rewind – Forward & Rewind!
Pictures in mind – Nasty!
& Your face in disguise – Polite!
So they think let’s just sleep!
Tomorrow might be clear & bright..

But In the middle of night,
They decide to cock the gun
End of story Bye- Bye!!

Lot of effort needed
In a second everything is finished!
It’s a crime scene
Without any witness & Dead body!

But someone got killed for sure!
It’s the end of so called “Relationship”
Leaving the body on the shore!

Let it wash away, Let it go!
Cops can’t locate the crime scene!
It’s silent killing within the memories

How will they find evidence?
What will be the news heading?
Story with dead ending!

Don’t look back & Don’t care!
Just call it a day & Collect fresh air

Crime scene

Crime scene


Written by A.P

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