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Out of comfort zone
Won’t you go?
Don’t you wanna learn more?
Let it go!!

Flowing with world flow!
Vanishing up in smoke!
Searching something to hold…?
May rest in peace your soul

Is sacrifice the key to achieveĀ  dreams?
You said run for dream & feel free within
& Why does the world spin?
I wanna know this thing!!

OHH…So sun is making it spin on its axis!
Or In heaven the Big Daddy!
Or God is just make believe?

Snooty ass & knowledge wafer thin..
Tell me again How you got this rich?
Was it cause of proper planning Or lucky number 21 is it!?
Now, tell me how you got this big?

Words are only two- Love & Hate!
Where goes love there goes hate
I love you girl…I love you big time..
You tell me the place & I will be there with wine!

Will you do the same for me?
AHH!..Leave it! let it be!
For your sake I want you to be mean!
Emotions makes one weak!

Turned into maniac & I know that!
World is hard to understand!
Make me a flow chart!

Believes, Rituals,Practicality Or Emotions!
what should be heavy?
One day you are in & another day who is that shit!
Why is two answers & ways for everything
One is correct & another one is easy!

Questions never ends but we will one day!
Question again- why we born to die someday?
Talk about learning..
& Always tables are turning..

One day is yours another is mine
Lets better keep brain aside..
Be dumb & Deaf
And lets just rest!

Curious Case

Curious Case


Written by A.P

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