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Do I Dare Disturb The Universe
And Stop Asking What If
Do I Dare Walk To The Edge Of Earth
Just To Stare Into Abyss

Walk Into The Unknown
Into The Dark Covered With Thick Mist
And Swim Deep Into Ocean
Do I Dare Push The Limits
Go Where No One Ever Lived

Do I Dare To Be Free
Face The Fear And Not Give In
Do I Dare Live In Now
Tomorrow Just A Myth

Do I Dare To Be Me
And Not Fight To Fit
Do I Dare Stand Alone
And Not Care Who I Stand Agianst Or With

Do I Dare To Keep Head Up High
And Not Down With Regret And Guilt
Do I Dare Stop Running Away From Self
And Stand Still
Do I Dare Accept What It Is

Dare To Be

Dare To Be


Written by A.P

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You could stay – Or you could go..
And Always wonder.. but never know..
You could stand or you could run..
It might hurt you – sure – But what if it’s fun..
What if everything you feared to dream…
Wasn’t everything it seemed..
And all that really held you back..
Was the choice to go and have a crack?

The universe is always there..
Only if you are not scared..
To try your luck..
To take your chance..
Walk a talk..
Or sing and dance..
The world is what you make it so..
You will learn and you will grow..
Before long you’ll be strong..
And wonder why..
You didn’t try earlier.. All along..


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