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Living In The Dark
Won’t You Search For The Light?
In The Dark Age
Truth Always Hides

Surrounded By Lies
It’s Darker Every Time
Guided By Crooked Minds
We Lost The Sight

Misinformation Been Fed
And We Turn Blind
Everyone Collecting Money
In The Name Of We Trying To Survive!

In This Day And Age Of Information Caged
Non- Disclosure Agreement Been Signed
For Power And Money
Innocent Been Put On To Fights

Propaganda Been Obeyed
Where Love Dies
And Conquered By Hate

War And Crimes On The Rise
HelpĀ  Been Denied
Open The Cage And Try To Fly
Living In The Dark Box
With Lies We Been Tied

What Happened To The Words
Be Honest And Be Nice?

It’s All Been Molded
And Programmed To Be Feel Satisfied
Truth Is Inconvenient
So We Happily Lied Through Out The Life

Won’t You Break Out Of Comfort Zone
Muster Courage And Ask Why?
Won’t You Start A Revolution?
Standing Against Lies To Fight?

Won’t You Spread Your Wings And Try To Fly?
Try Riding Against The Tide

You Made To Feel Safe
Your Wings Being Cut
Are You Happy Being Caged?
Won’t You Break?

Freedom Is To Find Your Way
We Been Manipulated To Stay
We Been Paralyzed And Have No Say

It’s Give And Take
And Freedom Is On Stake
We Been Pet And Fed
Against Which Freedom We Gave Away

Think It Through What You Lost
It Might Seem Convenient
But It’s Not

Go Up Up And Away
In This Dark Day And Age
Take Leap Of Faith
Believe You Are Made To Fly

But It’s Dark Out There

It's Dark Out There

It’s Dark Out There


Written by A.P

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