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Things Were Amazing
It Was Great
Now It’s Different
And That’s What We Hate

We All Try Finding Reasons And Validate
We All Need To Stop The “Was War”
And Simply Put- Things Shift And Change
It Was, What It Was!

But Life Keeps Moving It’s Way
It Won’t Stop
It Won’t Halt
We Need To Catch Up To It’s Pace!

Time And Space
Expanding Every Day
Nothing Forever Is Same
Not You Or Me

New Perspective We Create
New Ideas We Generate
Limiting Belief We Break
New Insight We Make
That’s How Our Character Is Made

We Realize The Difference Between Original And Fake
It’s Our Failure Which Shapes
Our New Aura And Wave
Nothing We Ever Did Is Waste

It Teaches Us Day To Day
What It Was, It Was!
And It’s Okay
I Promise You
It Makes Us Brave!

Experience Teaches Us More
We Learn When We Fail
Than Learning From The Page
Is There Any Shame In Growing Everyday?

Let Old Things Go- Bail!
Don’t Act Or React
That’s The Way To Behave!
We All Know Learning Is Good For Brain!
It Stimulates

We Apply The Experience And Grow Every Day!

Day To Day

Day To Day


Written by A.P

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